DMX Interfaces

If you want to output DMX from Chameleon you will need an interface. Chameleon has been designed to work with the following interfaces:

In general, if an interface uses the Enttec Pro protocol, it should work with Chameleon.

Note that Chameleon won't work with devices, like the much cheaper Enttec Open DMX, that don't have an on-board processor; nor do we have any plans to support these cheaper devices.

We are happy to add support for other pro quality interfaces, please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

MIDI Interfaces

To make life easier, Chameleon can be used with physical faders. Currently we support the BCF2000 desk from Behringer, but will soon be adding support for other generic MIDI hardware.



We now support the Enttec Shortcut wing. Works like an extension of the Chameleon button surface, allowing you to set up physical buttons just as you'd set up virtual ones. Sturdy and simple to set up and use. Wings distributed in the UK by Headlite.