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Control your entire lighting rig from your Mac!

Many users, many uses.

  • Theatres - Simple to set up, easy to use, based on familiar theatrical desk concepts.
  • Film Technicians - Control set lighting or DMX-based special effects from your Mac
  • Professionals - Create a backup version of critical shows.
  • Religious groups - Set up shows that can easily be run by anyone in your venue.
  • Schools - Learn to create shows using industry standard lighting concepts that can easily be transferred to other desks. Software is available FREE without DMX OUT so students can practice at their desks.
  • DJs - Create, save and run portable lighting shows for the lights at venues using the same laptop you use to mix.
  • Architectural Lighting Specialists - Gives you or your clients a stable, low-cost, configurableĀ  platform for interior or exterior lighting control.

Download now and try it for free.