"Thank you for having a product with such a simple learning curve. I was completely lost before I found Chameleon!"
-- Cory Boyas

"Chameleon is brilliant! Having used most lighting consoles in my job, it is fantastic to find a solution that is so easy to learn, and yet powerful enough to handle really big rigs. I love how it is laid out: everything is where you would expect it to be. And the professional features such as keypad style entry and the DMX output monitor make it a really powerful tool, whether you are a beginner, or coming from other consoles. It also makes a really great addition to an existing console for programming scenes, which is how I find myself using it quite a lot these days."
-- Ed White, Professional Lighting Designer

"First of all, I'm a sound technician, not the one who deals with lighting. A short time ago, I was asked to do some lighting at a congress and this was a good reason for me to check what's available to do that with my MacBook. This was the point I came along Chameleon. I decided to use it for the congress (about 4 days with speeches, music and theatre) and I'm really excited about the usability of Chameleon. Everything went well, no problems at no time."
-- Christian Peters

"Chameleon is a great piece of software for getting a rig setup fast. As soon as you start the application everything just works, from creating cues to timing chases, it is incredibly easy to use. One of the best features is being able to see all the channels in real time - seeing the values as they change when a cue is played back. Chameleon is great if you already carry a laptop and have a USB DMX adaptor, compared to a small lighting desk the functionality offered is superb and it even challenges some of the features of a larger desk."
-- Peter Birch