Choose the Licence that's right for you

As of version 1.1, you can download, install and use Chameleon without a licence: it will detect any compatible interfaces and output DMX to them. However, without a licence, the output will periodically cut out.

Most people choose our Standard Licence, which gives you 32 channels and 5 Cue stacks out of the box, for £150. If you don't need Cue Stacks, choose the Lite licence for £95. Additional channels are normally £1 each, but you can configure your licence up to 512 channels 'out of the box' for a discounted rate.

Click on the links below to add more channels, or an interface, and buy now securely using PayPal.

Channels (Additional) Cue Stacks Validity Price
Lite 24 £1 each 0 Unlimited £95.00
Standard 32 £1 each 5 Unlimited £150.00
Pro Trial 1024 One Day Free
Pro Week 512 One Week £5.00
Pro Unlimited POA


If you want to try Chameleon and use it live, choose the (free) Pro Trial licence. This gives you uninterrupted DMX output - for one day only.

The Pro Week licence works on the same principle as the Pro Trial licence, but it's valid for a week, and it only costs £5. Great if you want additional channels or cue stacks for a special one off show.

If you have more exotic requirements, choose the Pro licence and we'll get in touch with you to work out what you need.