Advanced Channel Patching

February 21st, 2011

A little while ago we were contacted by a theatre technician who thought the current visual patching system in Chameleon took up a lot of time if, like a theatre, you need to patch new shows on a frequent basis. Until then my own personal use for Chameleon has been part of the installation work I carry out in fixed venues. Hence its a patch once and most of the time use the same patch for different show files.

We have now, as of version RC8, added a powerful command line patching facility into Chameleon. It not only implements the features you will be already be familiar with, but some additional ones as well. The on screen keyboard does not have a [Patch] key show, but you can simply hit the 'p' key on your keyboard. As with the GUI patching you will need to be in 'Record Mode' for any patch commands to be valid.