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Control your entire lighting rig from your Mac!

How do I upgrade my licence ?

If you want to upgrade you licence, for instance to add more channels, or cue stacks. We do intent to add a fully automatic upgrade process to the website, but in the mean time you will first need to contact us with your requirements.

Once we have updated your licence you will need to sync it back to Chameleon. This is done from within the License section of the Preferences panel. To open the Preferences panel simply select Preferences from the Chameleon menu, alternatively you can press and hold the Apple key, and then press the comma (,).

Once the Preferences panel has opened, click on the Licence icon at top. This will display the details of your current licence. Click the Upgrade button and you will be presented with 3 choices. If you have internet access from your computer, simply click on the Sync button and your upgraded license will be installed for you automatically.

If you don't have internet access, be sure to let us know when you give us your requirements, and we will send you your upgraded licence in a file, which you can install by pressing the Open button, and selecting it.