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My BCF2000 MIDI controller does not work ?

Before you can use your BCF2000 Motorised controller you need to set it up to work correctly with Chameleon. To do this simply open the preferences window (Select Preferences from the Chameleon Menu, or press and hold the Apple key and then press the comma ',').

  1. Select the 'MIDI surface' option at the top, and then the 'Initilise' tab.
  2. On the BCF2000, keep the EDIT key pressed, and press the STORE key at the same time.
  3. Turn encoder 1 (above Fader 1) until the display shows U-1. Press the EXIT key
  4. In the Prefs window, select the BCF2000 from the pull down list, and press the Initialise button.

Once initialisation has been completed, your BCF2000 is setup to work with Chameleon. You will only need to complete this Initialisation once.

On the BCF2000, select preset 1 to work as faders 1-8 (bank A), or preset 2 to work as faders 9-16 (bank B).