New USB DMX Interface Design

July 14th, 2010

Sometime around 2003 I designed a USB DMX interface, and a couple of years later I got round to actually building and testing it!

Since then its been publicly available over on the USBDMX.COM website. I redesigned the PCB shortly after to accommodate a robust industrial case, and since then many 100's have been sold both as kits and as ready built interfaces.

As Chameleon was getting ready to launch, I thought it was time for a refresh of the interface, and so I have redesigned it with a host of new features :

  • A major overhaul to the circuit design, incorporating a new faster processor, whilst retaining the same trusted and reliable DMX output stage (including both opto and galvanic isolation). 
  • 2 XLR connectors providing easy access to input and output without the need for a special Y adapter.
  • Available in either a 3 pin or a 5 pin XLR version.
  • 2 new status LEDs to keep you informed of whats happening.
  • A great new custom made black anodised aluminium case.

We have been testing out the new hardware design, and in fact all ready built interfaces shipped this year have included the faster processor. The new cases are currently in manufacture, and I expect to have everything ready to be shipping the new interface in September.

The new board