New Mavericks-Compatible Chameleon Version

October 28th, 2013

We've just released a new, OS/X Mavericks (10.9) compatible, version of Chameleon (1.2.162). This version is backwards compatible to OSX 10.7. If you want to continue running the older version of Chameleon 10.2.157 we will be keeping it available on the website for a while yet.

In Mavericks, the FTDI USB drivers used by the Chameleon interface, and others such as the DMXKing and Enttec Pro, have been re-implemented by Apple. 

Our priority has been to create a release that works with the new Apple drivers. What we have come up with is a new way of patching DMX interfaces that works with 10.9 through 10.7.

In this new version all the DMX patching has moved to a separate DMX patching process, accessible via the Chameleon icon on the OSX status menu bar (top right by the clock).