New Beta 1.2.180

January 18th, 2015

If you're using the Chameleon Beta we recommend updating to this new release today.

Chameleon Version 1.2.180 (RGB Beta)

Release Notes

Chameleon Version 1.2.189

1. Fixed a bug that could cause a hang when trying to open a show file whilst another show was currently running.

2. Added an option to open a previous auto saved show file in the start up assistant, and in the menu (File -> Open Backup)

3. Added an option to open automatic show file backups (File -> Open Backup). Whenever a show file is saved an automatic backup will be made providing he last backup is at least 5 mins old. Periodically previous backups will be purged so that only 5 backups of each file remain, with a total of 40 files. Files are purged on a oldest file first basis.

4. Fixed a bug that could case a crash / exception when loading a show over the top of an existing show in some situations.

Chameleon Version 1.2.179

1. Fixed a bug that stopped the colour of a fixture being added to a cue when the fixture was dragged into the cue.