Chameleon 1.1 Beta Release

November 13th, 2011

Today we have released a Beta of Chameleon 1.1. This new beta version has a few bug fixes in it, but the main difference is how we output DMX, the addition of Art-Net support, and a new way of dealing with trials.

We have re-architected the software so that there is now a completely separate process that outputs DMX. We have done this to fix a bug with threading and the FTDI drivers that meant if you unplugged an interface when it was being used, it would crash Chameleon. The new DMX output process completely isolates Chameleon from the hardware interfaces, thus massively improving stability.

In addition, we have added Art-Net support: you can patch up to 4 Art-Net universes into Chameleon.

Previous versions of Chameleon required a licence to detect interfaces, and output DMX. This lead to a lot of confusion and lots of people contacting us to find out why their interfaces were not being detected. From this release onwards, interfaces should be detected and output DMX without the need for a licence. If you do not have a licence installed, the DMX output will now randomly blackout.

We felt this was a much better solution, as you can try out your hardware, and even program your show. You can still download a free 1 day trial, or hire Chameleon for your show via the 1 week license.

We really hope you enjoy the new version, and the much requested Art-Net functionality. You can download the beta from the downlads link on the right. Please get in touch and let us know what you think! 

This release also marks the start of Intel only versions of Chameleon, if you have a PPC machine, please do not download this version as it will not work.